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The Macedonian Party

The Macedonian Party is the political party of the ethnic Macedonian minority in Albania. It was established on 30 October 2004 under the name 'Macedonian Alliance for European Integration' and was registered as a political party on 8 June 2005. The first congress of the party was held on 25 April 2009 in Tirana, the capital city of Albania.

The first congress of the party was held on 25 April 2009 in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. On the congress the party delegates made several major decisions:
- the party name was changed from Macedonian Alliance for European Integration into Macedonian Party
- the statute and party program were adopted
- a central committee was formed
- the party leader was elected
- decisions were made about establishing regional organizations of the party

The party participated in 2007 Albanian local elections, gaining 4 councillor mandates: 1 in Trebisht and 3 in Pustec (Liqenas), and Edmond Temelko with 1.468 votes was elected as mayor of Pustec (Liqenas). The party will participe in Albanian parliamentary election, 2009. Macedonian minority in Albania: The Macedonians in Albania have limited freedom and human rights in compartment to the Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria. However, there are still numerous human rights violations in Mala Prespa. There are several organized and active associations of Macedonians in Albania, but the opportunities for political activity are small because the state does not financially support their organization. It was as late as 1993 that the first periodical in Macedonian, the journal "Mir" (Peace), appeared.

The villages in Albania with mixed ethnicity, primarily ethnic Macedonian population:

Golo Brdo

* Trebishtë (Требишта)
* Ostern (Острен)
* Tërbaç (Трбаче)
* Lladomericë (Ладомирица)
* Otisani (Отисани)
* Gjinovec (Ѓиновец)
* Pasinkë (Пасинки)
* Tuçepi (Тучепи)
* Vrbnica (Врбница)
* Klenjë (Клење)
* Stërblevë (Стеблево)
* Džepištë (Џепишта)

Korçë - Pogradec

* Korçë (Корча)
* Pogradec (Поградец)
* Lin (Лин)
* Blacë (Блаца)
* Piskupati (Пискупати)
* Uduništë (Удуништа)
* Tservenaka (Червенака)
* Memlištë (Мемлишта)
* Zagragja (Врмова)
* Golik (Румен)
* Zerveskë (Зерваска)
* Sterova (Старова)
* Zagoreçan (Загоричан)
* Stropkë (Стропчке)
* Llëngë (Лешница)
* Çerava (Черава)
* Piskupijë (Пискупија)
* Drenovë (Дреново)
* Boboshticë (Бобошица)
* Vernik (Врбник)

Mala Prespa - Liqenas/Pustec

* Bezmishtë (Безмишта)
* Goricë e Madhë (Г. Горица)
* Goricë e Vogël (Д. Горица)
* Gollomboç (Глобочани)
* Liqenas (Пустец)
* Belas (Шулин)
* Cerja (Церје)
* Zvedzë (Звезда)
* Leskë (Леска)
* Pakičkë (Пакичка)
* Zagradeçi (Заградец)

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